Naomi Williams

(was Samuel)


Shattered by Naomi Samuel (Williams)
A book to inform and encourage young women.
Available as paperback or eBook on Amazon.
'You Are What You Eat: How To Survive Your Teens' by Naomi Williams.
A tool for pre-teens and teenagers, as well as parents and carers. Available in paperback on Amazon.
'Growing Pains' by Naomi Williams.
A guided journal to ensure your purpose does not get lost in the cocoon of change.
Available in paperback on Amazon.
'Shameless' by Naomi Williams
Careful and creative articulation of the raw, seemingly contradictory yet undeniable reality of dealing with mental health as a Christian.
Available as paperback or eBook on Amazon.
'Social Skills Learning' by Naomi Samuel (Williams)
A mammoth collection of quick, engaging, effective resources to promote the key skills of social & emotional resilience.