This is such a beautiful collaboration of hand made products that are made with love, 


Cherish me is an amazing brand that encourages young children of colour to embrace every fibre and being; this means a lot to us because our products encourage kings and queens to embrace every fibre of their being. Also, with this collaboration, your young queen is sure to feel excited about doing their hair. 


Promoting self-high self-esteem and self-love, now and until they grow to be amazing young women.


Bag includes


  • 1 Cherish me drawstring bag
  • 1Young Queen rainbow brush 
  • 1Young Queen rainbow bonnet 
  •  1Natures Love products "Restore." 
  • 1Natures love products "Stimulate."
  • 1Natures Love Products."Rejuvenate"


Washing instructions 

*Cherish me drawstring bags must go on a delicate wash. 


All of our packaging that we send out and use is recyclable and eco friendly. 




  •  We appreciate the earth that we have been borrowed
  • Our children's future is important to us; we want our world to look as beautiful as it was created to be less money spent on packaging to get the best quality oils, herbs and butters. 
  • We are more than just products, we intend to make a ripple and change to the world in so many ways. 

Little Queen Cherish Me gift bag (hamper)