'Nature's Love Products' Oil Treatment is a beautiful handmade product that is made with time, love and patience. 


Your hair will be left feeling luxurious from the inside out -  you will find your hair thickened and strengthened like never before! 


This product can be used on all hair types (Afro Caribbean, European, Asian etc) but due to the very rich oils, use sparingly especially on lighter hair types. (See 'Hair Types' page for more information)


This product is multipurpose:

  • Use as an oil treatment mask or as a hair moisturiser.
  • Sooth problems such as dry and itchy scalps and scalp psoriasis. 
  • Help makes natural hair curly and lessen the frizz, only a small amount is required as it is made with pure oils.



  • Helps scalp conditions
  • Elevates stress
  • Promotes healthy growth
  • Leaves hair shiny, soft and manageable
  • Natural ingredients! (Read more on 'The Love Within')

Nature's Love Oil Treatment Mask & Hair Nourishment

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  • This pure Aloe Vera treatment encourages the hair to grow, with thickening, moisturizing and balancing qualities. 

    Aloe Vera is a very powerful plant it helps prevent hair loss for men and women; thinning, excessive frizz, dryness and oiliness. A
    loe Vera stimulates the production of new hair & it has been said it can lessen the effect such as alopecia and scalp conditions like dandruff, scaly or itchy scalp.

     If you use this product your hair will be left feeling gorgeous and healthy looking inside and out. 


  • we are happy to give full refunds of you are dissatisfied with the product, Thank you x