This shampoo will have your hair feeling clean, moisturised, and ready to go; this means that the number of oils you will have to use will be minimal. 


This shampoo is perfect for detangling hair, which means no more crying from your little ones as the hair will be easy to manage once washed. It also suggests less pulling on the hair, which means that the hair stays strong and will not be stressed. 


This product contains 100% natural and organic products, which make it safe for everyone in the family to use, 


With  a handy pointy spout, you will be sure to no have to waste, 


All of our products and packaging are created and designed with you in mind

  • handy spout lids for less wastage 
  • each product is rich in oils, so less product has to be used
  • reusable packaging to encourage you to make your own adaptions and additions to help your hair type on condition 

"Rejuvenate" Aloe Vera & Sea Moss shampoo